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Flowers and Champaigne

Flowers and champagne
Floral workshop. Fall edition.

This cosy and charming special Fall edition workshop felt magical – dreamy and beautiful autumnal weather with mesmerising light and leaves in multitude of muted colours.

Ladies looked fabulous, wearing stylish fall outfits and we have made sure we have a proper fall attributes to match!

Wrapped in cosy blankets, seduced by delicious deserts and warmed up by the aromatic mulled wine – we indulged in creation of fall inspired florals with so much texture and seasonal charm – it was a truly immersive experience!

We were designing an asymmetrical garden style arrangement.
The idea behind the design of the arrangement was summer meets fall.
Gradual colour blend of late summer purples and lavender hues to deep burned orange fall florals and leaves.
The arrangements turned out to be out of this world!! Very proud of you ladies!!!

I’m grateful and thankful to everyone who came!

Looking forward to hosting you again.

Till next time, with love,

Special thanks:

Photo- Alina Rahman Photography.
Video -Alex Muravskui

Rena Green our lovely hostess.

Natasha Agasiyants
Leonid Kagan
Tanya Nanieva
Nikita Naydenov

Amazing sweets
By Lima Sweets

Special thanks to
Michael from @ star school
For his heartwarming performance.


Floral Market

Welcome to our Floral Market themed photoshoot space in a beautiful @mintroomstudios

We wanted to bring that vibrant and fresh energy, that magical atmosphere of the Parisian flower market to the studio. The fragrances, the colours, the soft pastel hues and the romantic chairs! I am in love with those vintage woven white chairs and the pink bike! I think they add the element of charm!

The idea was to to design an aesthetically pleasing and inviting place, filled with flowers using the elegant, layered textures with a hint of glam. Timeless pinks, trendy greens – all together in a picture perfect moment!

The pretty floral walls vinyl and timeless Calcutta marble flooring was provided by amazing @eventgraffiti Everything looks so much better on the trendy backgrounds!

Beautiful floral cart was kindly provided by our favourite @sohosweetcarts

Amazing pictures and video by @augustmedia

From Mint Room:

This year, we are thrilled to partner with a very talented designer – Katya Agasiyants, the owner and creative director of Caprice Design & Decor, to bring the vision of a perfect Flower Market to life in our White Loft. From Katya:

Welcome to our Floral Market themed space in White Loft.

When planning this setup, in the midst of Canadian winter, I kept dreaming of the spring blooms, wishing for warmth to come sooner, to replace the greys and browns of the winter season with the new and fresh buddying energy of a cherry blossom.

When travelling through Europe, I loved how their spring comes so much earlier and by the end of February, the spring flower markets are bursting with the incredible energy of peonies and tulips, hyacinths and lilacs!

Check out gallery here.

Amber & Velvet Setup at White Loft Studio

There is something magical about autumn that I feel inspired by every single year. Softer sunlight, fading vibrancy of colours, warm hues and myriad of textures. I chose White Loft again for the installation as I was absolutely blown away by the quality of light and endless opportunities of this room. This day-dreaming in our autumnal setup is going to be inspired by the nostalgia of the fall and I cannot wait to start creating it!

I’m going to work with soft velvets and muted warm colours, stylish props and a variety of silk and dried flowers to create an asymmetrical floral garland in the space.

Check out gallery here.