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Meet Katya,

The creative force behind the Caprice design & decor.

Note from Katya:

Being a florist of 10 years, I have developed my own style and my designing was based on my knowledge I have gained over the years and then intuition along with sense of style and composition and I think the time has come when I can share my knowledge and experience with the audience.

Last year I have introduced floral master classes: the main reason for that was to take partisipantce to a beautiful place of colours, fragrance and textures. Through interacting with flowerers and making them in to a beautiful forms - this is some sort of flower therapy.

Katya teaches a select number of floral workshops through out the year - including group workshops, as well as private classes perfect for bridal showers, birthdays or girls nights.

All of the classes are garden-style inspired.

Upcoming Workshops

  • September 23, 2020, 6PM
  • The Flowers To Gogh Master Class
  • Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit
  • 1 Yonge Street Toronto

Join us for an evening of experiences!

Treat yourself with tickets to IMMERSIVE VAN GOGH Exhibit and after, attend a floral Master Class led by acclaimed Florist – Katya Agasiyants. You will also receive a glass of champagne and sweets to complete your evening!

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